The department conducts research in the following areas:

  • Dynamics of spacecraft during descent into the atmospheres of planets and in orbit,
  • Dynamics of satellite gyrostats,
  • Space tether systems,
  • Mathematical modeling of multidimensional space systems with moving elements,
  • Dynamics of elastic systems,
  • Control and stabilization of mechanical systems

Field of research (click for details)

Projects funded by RFBF

RFBF 17-41-630274. 2017-2018

Сapture and transport technologies for large space debris removal using elastic devices.
Scientific adviser: Prof. Aslanov V. S.

RFBF 18-31-20058. 2018-2020

"Динамика и управление космическими тросовыми системами при выполнении транспортных операций на орбите".
Scientific adviser: Dr. Ledkov A. S.