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LXIX Youth Scientific Conference

On April 3, a meeting of the section “Theoretical Mechanics” was held within the framework of the LXIX Youth Scientific Conference of the Samara University dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the birth of Yuri Gagarin.

The following reports were heard:
1. Comparison of “pull-push” schemes for the Coulomb interaction of satellites in the geostationary orbit – Daria Andrievskaya 1305-010303D
2. Realization of missions to the Moon and Mars using the corresponding libration points – Patel Ishan (India) 1135-010403D
3. Investigation of the influence of resistance forces on the movement of the Foucault pendulum – Ulyana Tarakanova 1205-010303D
4. Application of quaternions in solving problems of dynamics – Julia Lustina 1205-010303D
5. The movements of a spacecraft tug with an elastic rod when approaching debris – Egor Gunchin  1135-010403D

For the reports presented at the conference were awarded diplomas:
for 1 place – Daria  Andrievskaya
2 place – Patel Ishan
for the 3rd place – Yulia Lustina


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